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Death benefit: which elements to take into account for the calculation of the benefit

By Karine Liegard - Fri Mar 24 0 mins, 54 secs

The death benefit paid by a group life insurance is generally calculated according to the salary elements taken into account in the insurance contract. These elements may vary from one contract to another, but the elements commonly taken into account are:

  1. Gross annual salary: This is the total annual salary paid by the employer to the employee before deduction of social security contributions and taxes.
  2. Bonuses and allowances: These can be annual bonuses, exceptional bonuses, profit-sharing bonuses, vacation allowances, etc.
  3. Overtime: Overtime worked by the employee and paid by the employer can also be taken into account.
  4. Benefits in Nature: Benefits in nature are goods or services provided by the employer to the employee in addition to the employee’s compensation. They may include housing, food, transportation, etc.
  5. Year-end bonuses: These bonuses are generally paid at the end of the year and are intended to reward the work accomplished by the employees.

It is advisable to refer to the general and specific conditions of the insurance contract to know exactly which salary elements are taken into account for the calculation of the death benefit.