Exemptions from enrolment onto the medical program

By Karine Liegard - Fri Mar 24 0 mins, 41 secs

In France, there are several cases of regulatory exemption from enrolment in the company medical program, such as:

  1. Employees already benefiting from mandatory collective medical plan coverage (e.g., as beneficiaries of their spouse’s medical program).
  2. Employees on fixed-term contracts (CDD) for less than 12 months.
  3. Employees hired during the year who already have valid individual coverage, until the end of the current period.

In addition, a unilateral decision by the employer may specify other cases of exemption, provided that they comply with the legal and regulatory rules in force. For example, the employer may provide for an exemption for employees whose contributions represent more than 10% of their remuneration, or for employees on fixed-term contracts of more than 12 months. However, the employer may not provide for an exemption that is discriminatory or contrary to the rules of non-discrimination.